The Foot is one of the most complex mechanical structures known to man. Leonardo De Vinci describes the foot as:

"a masterpiece of engineering, and a work of art".

The foot with its mechanical complexity and structural strength can deal with high pressures whilst providing flexibility and resilience.

Consisting of 26 bones, 120 ligaments, 33 joints and 20 separate muscles which work together to control the movement of its individual parts, the foot contains almost one quarter of the body's bones.  When you combine the structural complexity of the foot and the fact that the average person takes about 5,000 steps a day, it should come as no surprise that many common ailments exist.

Podiatry is the new name for Chiropody.

Chiropody is from the Greek meaning hand and foot. Traditionally a chiropodist treated both.

Podiatry is from the Latin meaning foot. The science of podiatry is far more specialised and encompases the entire lower limb. Hands can still be treated at the practitioners discretion.

A podiatrist should be registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and hold a recognised qualification.
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