Wart & Verruca Treatment

A Plantar wart is a wart (Verruca) that appears on the bottom (Plantar) of the foot.  They often resemble callus.  Warts are caused by exposure to a virus .  This can occur, for example, at a public shower.  The interval from exposure to seeing a wart can be months.  They can also appear on the top of the foot where they tend to grow out from the skin and are easily identified.  A Podiatrist can usually distinguish the plantar wart from callus.

Verrucas are one of the most common foot problems among children and adults.  In all cases, it is necessary to attend for an initial consultation where the severity of the verruca is assessed to determine the most appropriate treatment.  You will then be advised as to whether a course of treatments would help in reducing the verruca. 

of this condition vary.  Additional treatments may be necessary because verrucas have a high reoccurrence rate.

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